Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

how to make a blog

1.  You need to open this site: http: / / /. After that click on the word CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW.

2. If the "create an account" page has appeared, then you may fill in the simple things in the available boxes
If you have filled in all, you can just click CONTINUE. Then the next page will be appeared as below

3. You need to choose the country where you lived and the phone number and after that you click " send verification code to my phone number" then they will send you a verification code through your phone then write down the code that you accept and click next...

4. If your account not used google email but used the others (yahoo, rocketmail, etc) you need to verification your email with your account. So you must sign in your email and click verification site in your inbox. After finished,click "enter" or "masuk" in the upper right corner then the "google account" page will appear.

5. your google account is your blog account, so if you want to sign in your blog, you must sign out your google account first then log in your blog account using your google account and dont forget to write down the password.

NB : Before you registrate in , you need to have your own email ( yahoo, rocketmail, gmail,  and so on).

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