Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

What is a blog?

Blog is a short name for Weblog.  
The first person who introduce the blog is Jorn Barger in December 1997.
Blogs can be regarded as a personal webpage.  

It could serve as a personal diary, private magazine, private homes, private shops and personal book. 
We can write anything on the blog.
If you want to write your heart's content and want to be known by the public, then this blog is one way out. You can also teach people to use blogs.  

So very much a function of this blog will follow the author.
Like now, I use this blog to teach you how to create a blog. And fortunately this blog is a free payment.
You can use blog as your shop. 

With it you can advertise items you want to sell or anything that your product marketed.
Since I am also currently studying in making this blog, then I will teach you the basics to create a blog that I know. 

You are lucky to find this blog that will teach you step by step from scratch.
Follow these steps patiently with a lot of practice. Certainly in the beginning stages you learn to create this blog, you will experience a lot of mistakes. But it was a common and do not be afraid because every mistake you can fix and edit later.

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